JUST Auto Lighting Technology Co.

We design and develop various automotive lighting products to customers worldwide, also as the Tier 1 supplier to the vehicle makers in Asia and Europe.


Quick Facts

Found in 1982

Founder and President : Yung-Fa Lin

Team member: 200+

Location: Taipei, Dongguan, Bangkok

Certificated: IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001.




LED Product Catergory

Headlight, Fog light, Daytime running light, multi-functional lights, Tail light, Projector light, and Auxiliary light, etc.


  • Technology

    • JUST R&D located in Taipei and Dongguan that can quickly respond to customer demands for lighting, accessories, and electronic products.


    • Our team, including optical, mechanical, and electronic designers, uses Computer-Aided Design(CAD) to speed up the design process and perform heat flow simulations to optimize the design. Regardless of the design proposal or customer concept, we can provide a complete solution.
  • Engineering

    • During the product development process, our engineering department provides design recommendations and mass production feasibility assessments to help the development process smoothly.


    • To ensure produced products meet design specifications, the engineering department enhances production efficiency and production conformity with the jig and checking fixtures.
  • Manufacturing

    • We own SMT and DIP process lines and lighting product assembly. Including Fully automated SMT lines, ultrasonic welding machines, automatic dispensers, airtight testers, etc. In addition to efficient production, it also improves quality consistency.


    • For product functions and waterproof, we process 100% inspection and the finished product test by burn-in.


    • Based on good education and process management, we use the TQM system to improve continuously. Eliminate waste, refuse to produce defective products, and satisfy our customers.




Integrating Sphere


Programmable Vibration Testing Machine

Water Spray Testing Machine

Programmable Thermal Shock Tester

Programmable Humidifier

The salt water spray test machine

Falling Ball Impact Tester


Lighting Laboratory

EMC Test Chamber