Solution Provider

At our company, we are equipped to deliver tailored solutions to meet our customers' needs. Our skilled R&D team, comprised of mechanical, thermal, and electronic engineers, bring expertise and innovation to every project. With the use of advanced engineering software such as CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, and CREO, we are able to efficiently design and simulate proposed solutions, enabling us to offer a comprehensive solution to any design proposal or customer concept in a timely manner.

Optical Design

Our team of engineers are equipped with a diverse range of developed lighting modules, allowing for the rapid creation of initial models and prompt evaluation of feasibility in optical design projects.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design process transforms even the simplest ideas, from a mere whisper or rough sketch, into a fully realized 3D model. Our engineers utilize CAD and prototype analysis to optimize the design, thoroughly addressing any issues before moving forward with tooling production.

Thermal Design

Brighter lights and energy efficiency are desirable, but with increased power, comes the challenge of managing heat. That's where our thermal engineers excel, expertly designing solutions to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Electronical Design

At JUST Auto, we recognize the importance of comprehending Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues. Our team boasts a strong understanding of the field, backed by practical experience. Additionally, we have an EMC test chamber that allows us to cater to our customers' demands for compliance with current EMC standards.