Continues to Advance

With over two decades of expertise and experience, JUST AUTO helps customers establish thriving businesses. In the constantly evolving automotive lighting industry, our company has kept pace with the latest innovations, particularly in the use of high-power LEDs. Traditionally, low beams relied on a single bulb and optical structures to direct the light onto the road. With the advent of LEDs, these light sources became brighter and more compact, allowing for the optimization of optical structures. At JUST AUTO, we understand the potential of this technology and have incorporated it into our designs, which can be found in a variety of vehicles. As LED technology continues to advance, we are poised to introduce exciting new forms of automotive lighting solutions.


The automotive lighting industry has seen considerable innovation since the introduction of high-power LEDs.
For example, low beams used a single bulb as the light source and a set of optical structures to project the light onto the road. First-generation LEDs replaced light bulbs but still used similar optical structures. JUST AUTO understands that LEDs have the advantage of being brighter and smaller than traditional lights, so as LED brightness increases, optical structures become smaller.


JUST AUTO designs are now widely used in various vehicles, and with advances in LED technology, we are beginning to provide new forms of automotive lighting.